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Simple Ways to Save on Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is expensive there is no doubt about that. The good news is that there are ways to work around it to make it less expensive as it is a necessary component of your life. Right now, the average person spends an estimated $10,000 per year on healthcare, but those totals can be lowered if everyone took advantage of the savings that are available, but not often used.

Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

If you are without healthcare insurance or your insurance does not cover a particular procedure you are having done, talk to your healthcare provider. Most professionals will offer different types of discounts, including those for paying cash, paying the balance up front and just because you ask. Generally, insurance does not pay a provider 100% of what they are charging, so they have wiggle room when it comes to self-paying customers. If you do not ask your provider for a discount or attempt to negotiate, you will never know what you could have saved.

Go Generic

Generic prescriptions are generally just as effective as their name brand counterpart, but for a fraction of the price. Not every doctor will automatically check the "generic acceptable" box on the prescription form, which means you, might be paying more than necessary. Talk to your doctor about your alternatives before taking the prescription to be filled to see if there is any money to be saved on generic versions of the medication.

Use Health Savings Accounts

If your employer offers a health saving account, use it. This enables you to set money aside for your healthcare needs. This money is taken out before taxes, which means it also lowers your gross income, which effectively lowers your tax liability. In addition, many employers will match your contributions to your HSA. This easy tactic makes your money go further when you do need to use it to pay for your healthcare expenses.

Choose your Doctor Wisely

An emergency in your eyes might not be an emergency in the eyes of your insurance provider. Before you head out, think carefully about where you are going. If you are stuck with the entire emergency room bill because the issue could have been cared for at a local clinic or your doctor's office, you are paying unnecessarily. Instead, call your doctor and ask his opinion about where you should go, even in the event that the physician's office is closed and you need to be seen somewhere, you can still talk to the doctor to get his opinion.

Keep up your Routine Appointments

Nothing makes healthcare more affordable than taking care of yourself. This means not only eating healthy and exercising, but also seeing your regular doctor for preventative appointments. When you routinely see the doctor, you are able to catch problems right away, before they escalate into more serious, life threatening and expensive problems. The less you have to go to specialists, the hospital and even the pharmacy, the less money you will have to spend on your healthcare.

Healthcare is expensive, but if you do it right, you can save in many areas. Due to the fact healthcare is essential, there is no way to skip it- but you can make wise choices that will enable you to save your money for things you want to spend it on rather than large deductibles, non-covered charges and unnecessary bills that could have been prevented.