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Nutritious, Delicious AND Cheap

Have you ever wonder if your current diet is healthy? Healthy living is not the most popular lifestyle because many believe that living - and eating - healthily is expensive. This quick loans with a credit check article will show you otherwise by discussing the most nutritious and delicious foods you can add to your diet at affordable prices.

Whole-Wheat & Multigrain Pasta

A typical box of multigrain pasta is enough for up to 8 servings and it costs no more than $2. Pasta is also very easy to cook, which means you can transform it into numerous delicious dishes for you and your family.

Multigrain pasta contains an average of 200 calories, 6 grams of protein and sufficient amount of fiber per serving. Add other healthy ingredients to the mix and you can enjoy tasty and healthy meals for less.

Brown Rice

Another grocery item to consider if you want nutritious, delicious and cheap food is brown rice. It contains antioxidants and vitamins as well as fiber and protein. Using brown rice as the main ingredient, you can cook rice salads, healthy fried rice, soups and many more.

Even better, brown rice also costs less than $2 per pound. A bag containing 1 pound of brown rice is enough for more than 10 servings.


Oats is another superb grocery item to add to your shopping list. It can be used to make anything from muffins to deserts and it costs 10 cents per serving. Oats is also very easy to prepare, making it perfect for quick meals and breakfasts.

Frozen Vegetables

Always include a sufficient amount of vegetables in your diet to meet the daily nutrition requirements. Frozen vegetables are processed using advanced machineries, allowing the vegetables to retain over 95% of the natural nutrients even when processed.

Buy a mix of frozen vegetables and you can add them to stews, salads and other menus in your diet. The cost will not be more than 25 cents per serving too, so they are indeed very affordable.

Egg Substitute

If you love omelets or you enjoy adding eggs to other dishes (i.e. fried rice) you should consider getting store-brand egg substitute. Egg substitute is designed to include all the nutrients and is available for less than organic eggs. You can even blend egg substitute and eggs to create delicious meals for the entire family. Egg substitute costs up to 35 cents per serving, far more affordable than organic eggs.