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Apps That Will Save You the Most Money

As much quick cash as you've paid for your smartphone, isn't it time for it to put cash back in your pocket? There are hundreds of apps available to help you find deals and save money. Below are five apps ready for your use to help you save some serious money and even get quick loans with a credit check.

1. Key Ring

With dozens of loyalty cards you may have, they often bulk up and weigh down your keychain. So if you're annoyed by this, it's a simple habit to take them off and move them to the side. However, Key Ring makes it easy to keep all your membership discount cards available 24/7. This Android and Apple supported app scans and stores your loyalty card bar codes onto your device. Once you are in the checkout line at the store, show the clerk your smart device with the bar code. It should easily scan for them. In addition to that, Key Ring provides you with access to over 13,000 product brands and retailers coupons. You can even browse the sales paper and add needed items to Key Ring's shopping list.

2. RedLaser

Instead of going store to store or spending hours online searching for the best deals, RedLaser is an Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone app to eliminate the hassle. This app scans the barcodes of store items before you purchase them. You can pull up the prices automatically to find out if the selected items are cheaper elsewhere in stores or online. Since many stores price match, this may be the perfect accompanying app to have to get those discounts at one store.

3. GasBuddy

With gas prices increasing, it's always nice to save even a few cents if possible. GasBuddy is an app you can download to your smartphone device and quickly helps you locate nearby gas stations. The gas prices are listed on here as well, that allows you to search for regular, midgrade, and premiums in nearby locations or close to your final
destination. GasBuddy is a community of savers reporting the gas prices in stations they've visited or passed by. By using this app you can even help others save by updating the prices as well. Imagine the savings you could get from driving just one or two extra blocks.

4. RoomerTravel

Rather than using hotel discount websites or travel agents to book great deals, try RoomerTravel. RoomerTravel is an app that connects travelers with other customers who have a booked hotel room and no longer can use it. These canceled hotel guests have booked a room well in advance, or it could have been last week. Whatever the case, they will lose out so their best option is to sell it to someone looking for a deal. You can rack up some really good savings. RoomerTravel makes it easy to search via your check-in date and sort by the hotel ratings, price, or your final discount.

5. SnipSnap

If you're tired of wasting paper and printer ink, printing coupons that end up unorganized or left behind at home, download SnipSnap today. SnipSnap is a digital coupon organizer. There are hundreds of coupons you can access online. However, what makes this app unique is that you can take a picture of your printed coupons and they are turned into a digital mobile-friendly coupon. You can also browse through your friends SnipSnap coupons to see what deals they have. Then present your phone to the cashier to get your savings.

The above five apps will save you money daily from grocery's to electronic items. Best of all, as long as you have your smartphone, there are never any coupons to wonder if you have left behind. Make sure you check them out today.

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